Womens Group


A Womens group was established in late 2014 to attract women of Lakonia and non Lakonian origins to the Pallaconian Brotherhood Leonidas and thus strengthen the ties that bind the brotherhood to the wider Australian community.  Our womens Group is made up of both Laconians and non-Laconians, many of whom have been longstanding members of our community. the Womens Group is responsible promoting the Leonidas Elliniko Glendi within the Lakonian community and the wider Australian community. 

It welcomes new members and works to provide a social network for Australians and those of Lakonian origin. The Womens Group meets periodically at the Laconian House.  The Womens Group members organise their own regular social functions, but also aim to provide information and services to assist other mothers of the community.

Contact for Womens Group is via the Inquiries Page:

You can become a member of the Pallaconian Brotherhood Womens Group by completing a membership application and forwarding it to the Membership Officer of the club together with the annual membership fee of $5. Please visit our membership page:  MEMBERSHIP or alternatively download an application here: ENGLISH-MEMBERSHIP-APPLICATION-AMENDED-5-OCTOBER-2016


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