Dance Group


The Pallaconian Brotherhood Dance Group has been in existence for many years and during those years a number of generations have come through their ranks. many of those who first began with the Dance Group are now parents with children of their own and involved in the Dance group.  This succession in generational change has had positive effects on those who have participation and friendships have endured throughout the brotherhood existence.

The dance group in its hey day headed by John Kostarakis had numerous members who participated in events throughout Victoria and in other states as guests of Australian Hellenic organisations.  Today the youngsters of those members are now carrying on that time honoured tradition of learning to dance and participate at festivals and events throughout the calendar year. All members and non members of Lakonian origin are welcome to join and participate in activities organised by the dance group. the current teacher is Joseph Tsombanopoulos who is a very innovative, talented and creative artist in his own right and is instrumental in teaching the youngsters and adults alike the rudiments of Lakonian dance. 

You can become a member of the Pallaconian Brotherhood Dance Group by completing a membership application and forwarding it to the Membership Officer of the Brotherhood together with the annual membership fee of $5. Please visit our membership page:  MEMBERSHIP or alternatively download an application here: ENGLISH-MEMBERSHIP-APPLICATION-AMENDED-5-OCTOBER-2016


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